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About Us

China Parts Ltd is a UK based company selling a range of parts for Chinese motorbikes, Quads and Mopeds offering a specialised online service to all chinese bike owners in the United Kingdom, Europe, USA and we ship to any country worldwide

China Parts Ltd. import many different Chinese motorcycle parts and components into the U.K. We do try hard to keep everything to keep your motorcycle running with around 40,000 different product lines in stock at most times.

Because many of the Manufacturers use the same factory suppliers, at China Parts you will generally see parts listed as 'style' or 'type' rather than a specific brand, so if you check the section most likely to carry your required part then you will probably find the item to fit your bike

Check the image and specification to compare it and if you can't find the exact match then send us details including a picture of the parts you need by email to china-parts-uk@outlook.com

Stock does run out occasionally because we are one of the few specialised companies in the country to carry spares, We have re-orders coming in every 2-3 weeks to compensate for this.

You can also check our online stores on eBay UK and Amazon UK with Express Delivery options and many more products with detailed pictures and specifications that may not be showing on this site :